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  1. Echelon vs. NordicTrack Bike

    Echelon Versus The Competition
    Aside from Echelon, I've been looking at some of the stuff that NordicTrack has to offer and I found this great chart that compares the S22i bike to the Echelon lineup. I didn't realize how compact and light the Echelon bikes are compared to the NordicTrack. On the flip side NordicTrack...
  2. Walmart Echelon Bike

    Echelon Bike Discussions
    Does anyone know if Walmart has any more Echelon Connect bikes on sale? I really hope I didn't miss out on the sale. Was anyone able to capitalize on the $100 discount?
  3. Excited to join the forum

    New Member Introductions
    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm glad that I found this place so I can share and learn about echelon and their equipment. I read this CNN article about the bike and it got me hooked about it. I've been looking at finally getting some exercise equipment and I think Echelon could be a great fit for me.