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  1. Echelon Rower Discussions
    I just got this rower and have zero interest in subscribing for classes. I expected some discussion either on Reddit or anywhere with alternatives to the Echelon app. I am absolutely floored to see there has only been 3 posts about this rower in the official forums. Is this for real? Has...
  2. Echelon Rower Discussions
    I find my seat to be a bit on the slippy side and hence can get a bit uncomfortable after longer rows. My sit bones don't stay put and I have to adjust throughout the row. Is it just me, or...? So, I'm looking for a pad to compensate for this or at the very least to cut down on the slippage. I'm...
  3. Echelon Rower Discussions
    An excellent step-by-step guide to assembling the Echelon Rower. It seems very comprehensive.
1-3 of 3 Results