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Has happened several times, use today as an example
Marie Manalo - 30 Tabata - Alternative
Join the encore, the class starts 2 mins before the clock starts ie it's at negative 2mins. The first thing she sais is welcome to your 20min Tabata
Class ended at just over 18mins. This counts as a DNF as you didn't do the 30mins on the clock. Also means the first 2 mins of effort didn't count

Someone also joined a few mins in and was already at 30 output.

Now saying that i went to do another 20min class after and clicked on it and it rejoined the 30min Tabata at the point it ended the last time. but she once again said welcome to your 20min Tabata and the stats had reset.

I don't see how these can be so wrong. Classes that start a warmup 2 mins before a live class which don't count to anything OK but when it's part of the actual class and depriving you of badges, HR points etc.that's poor form
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