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Beware when buying a used Echelon, you need to remember that the previous owner needs to transfer the serial number and their account info to yours. Otherwise you won't be able to register the bike.

Someone reached out to Echelon and here's what they said.

Myself: If I'm looking at a used Echelon bike and I want to get the app to connect to it, how does this work? Can I register the bike too even if the previous owner had it registered?

Support: Hi Thomas when you're registering a new account for an Echelon bike it will ask you to enter the serial number, this number will be connected to the initial owner's account. Only way this can work is if you get the initial owner's account and change the password and details to yours

Myself: Interesting they can't 'remove' the serial number from their account or deregister it?

Support: Unfortunately once it's entered into an account, this option is connected with that account and can't be amended
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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