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Echelon 5S - No Live Classes + No Challenges + No OnDemand = No Life

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Not really. But no exercising is happening. The screen is almost all blank except a big black strip where the challenges are and a message that says, "Challenge yourself. Join workout challenges to get motivated and more. Upgrade on the Echelon website." I have tried everything. I have made sure my subscription is up to date and I have made sure that everything else is updated - such as bike firmware, tablet firmware and app. Where do I go on the Echelon website to upgrade? Do I have to pay even more money to sign up for classes? Where is the magic button to be able to ride my bike again? I have had my bike for over a year now. It's an 5s and I'm not ready to get rid of it yet. Help!!
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Yes, I did. I thought I had renewed my subscription but I hadn't. The website wasn't accepting my cc information, so I had to contact customer support. They in turn emailed me an invoice and I had to pay the invoice. I hope this helps you.
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