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Official steps on how to adjust the calibration on Echelon Connect Bikes are as follows:

Steps: Echelon Bike Calibration
  1. Go through the steps to connect to Bluetooth. See Below Join any ON DEMAND class. Your stats should be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now that you are connected, get on bike and start to slowly pedal.
  3. After pedaling a few rotations, slowly start to turn the tension dial clockwise.
  4. You should start feeling the resistance increase. You may see your tension number rise high before a tension change during calibration. That is normal.
  5. Continue until desired level is reached
If the above does not fix tension issue- Try unplugging the adapter from bike and wall outlet and hold down the silver button for 30 seconds before plugging the wire back in. Then do the above steps again. When you plug the wires in, you should hear the bike beep, indicating proper connection.
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