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Has anyone experienced a 'flakiness' in the metric statistics being displayed (Cadence, Resistance, Output) since this update was released.
I'm on my Connect Sport doing the Freestyle Rides and i currently use an iPad for my ride. Before the above update, the BT connects (solid blue light) I begin my ride and within 5 seconds I get a solid connection and the stats begin their real-time updates. After the patch, I have a window of between 1 - 3 minutes where the stats are all over the place..going from zero to normal, back to zero for a span of 30 seconds..then up a bit...a spike to max values etc...Very frustrating...after about 3 minutes of riding things settle down and becomes stable for the remaining 30 minute ride duration....I've tried the usual uninstalling and re-installing the app to no avail...Would love to be able to rollback the appl to the previous version but this feature is not available on the App Store...
Trying to switch over to Android after first connecting to iOS is near matter what i have tried...i can't seem to register an Android device...I guess i could try a new user id completely but i would loose my current stats which i don't want to do.
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