Echelon's new connect bike that cycling in a studio with its 24-inch curved touchscreen.

"For starters, the bike sports a 24-inch 1080p curved touchscreen. Echelon says that’s to create a more immersive experience and that the screen itself also flips open 180-degrees for off-bike workouts. It’s also got not one but two light-up flywheels that can be customized by color and lighting pattern thanks to 15 LED lights — just in case you want to recreate that whole “I’m biking in a club” feeling from SoulCycle and other boutique cycling studios. During a briefing, an Echelon spokesperson confirmed you can see the lighting while you’re on the bike itself and that it’s also possible to sync them to your workout metrics. The company also claims that the two-flywheel design gives the bike better stability.

If it looks like a light-up Peloton, that’s not a coincidence. Echelon says the bike was designed by Eric Villency, who designed the original Peloton bike and the SoulCycle bike. The bike also features 32 levels of motorized magnetic resistance. While most bikes rely on a resistance knob to tweak difficulty levels, the EX-8S also has a patent-pending digital resistance controller built into the handlebar. According to Echelon, this is so riders can easily adjust resistance while in third position (pedaling while standing). The bike itself weighs 125lbs and can support riders up to 300lbs. As for connectivity, the EX-8S also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s also compatible with SPD pedals."