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How badly do you want the ability to resume or FFW your workout when something happens

  • Only when the table freezes and restarts

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  • Only when the Wifi blips and the app freezes

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  • Only when I have to pause the workout for a second

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Leaving Echelon for Peleton - No FFW Feature

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Joined this community to let everyone know I'm leaving Echelon over a long time program function that they do not have that all competitors do.

There's no way to FFW or remember your last spot in the middle of a workout.

So if you have to pause it and the tablet can't restart it (lots of problems there too) or your wifi goes out or power blips for a second, you are back to the beginning.

I am so disappointed bc the other sites' trainers are so corny but screw it I am leaving. I get too stressed out over this stuff and there's no good explanation for it for what I pay annually per person. Period
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