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I've now had the EX4-S from Costco. It's ok so far, classes are good and so forth but I'm frustrated with several things so before I contact Echelon support, thought I would post here. All software/firmware on the bike has been updated. Any guidance and/or suggestions re the below would be greatly appreciated:

1. Is this really the only fix? How to Fix Loud Clicking Noise. I did not have it first but it just started happening over the past couple of days. Really do not want to open the bike but re-boxing and returning is probably more of a hassle.

2. The mobile app (android) does not sync with bike app. I can see the # of rides in both but all the workouts on the bike do not appear in the app. HUGE GAP.

3. Took me a while to realize that the bike cannot simultaneously connect to the mobile app and its tablet. Understood why (fairly knowledgeable on wireless technology) but I cannot figure out how to switch back and forth along with understanding why the bike cannot be detected in the app:

4. Cannot connect my Powerbeats which work on any other of bluetooth devices. Is there any way to clear the cache on the bike table?

Thanks in advance.
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