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I had a membership extended to 2023 because of issues with delayed delivery and faulty parts: customer service activated my membership months before the bike even arrived and when the bike arrived it had major issues which took additional months to resolve, Even though the membership was extended to 2023 because of this fiasco, the renewal charge was not changed from 2022 to 2023. Consequently, I cancelled the membership to avoid being charged in 2022 with the intent to review renewal in 2023.

I got charged in 2022. The expiration date of 2023 was changed to 2022 (yes, after being charged my membership got shorter by a year not longer by two years).

Sooo... effectively, Echelon charged me for an additional 2 years even though I cancelled the membership on purpose to avoid the charge, removed 1 year from my active membership, and also deactivated my account.

I had similar issues dealing with Echelon in 2020 which is why they extended my membership to 2023. Their computer system for managing membership is horrible and because their customer service is slow and relatively powerless, this will take me 1-2 weeks to fix with multiple calls to customer service because that is what happened the last two times I had to deal with Echelon customer service in regards to issues with membership.

My honest two cents, I wish I had gotten a different brand. The lower price point is not worth the hassle for when issues arise which they do frequently because the amount of time and energy you have to exert to get Echelon to resolve issues is not worth the discount. IMO, it would have been worth paying more for a brand with reliable customer service and working management system at the start to avoid the time suck that develops when issues, which will happen, pop up and you become reliant on Echelon customer service.
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