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Hi, I see very little resistance change between levels 1 and 32.
I have used magnetic resistance bikes and the top level is HARD compared to the lowest.
To be clear, the resistance on the app goes up and down on the screened the controller beeps as you change the level, but the difficulty level changes very little with 32 only being a little harder than level 1.
I am asking what are other users experience, is level 32 hard for you or is my rower broken.

here is what I have done so far:
Contacted support.
I have changed the battery in the controller and reset it. no change
I received a new controller and reset/relink it and no change.
I sent a video to echelon and they sent me a new rower and.... same thing.
so am I just expecting the rower to be harder than it is or do I have 2 bad rowers now?
is there a way to fix it.
just asking the community before I ask support for a third rower.
I haven't found a video where someone is using the rower and struggling so maybe my experience with the concept 2 rower (the classic one is most gyms with air resistance) where you feel the difficulty is what I expected here and it is just not what this product is like.
Any help appreciated
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